“Making music is more than enough for most people, making great, life-affirming pop music takes a whole, more refined set of skills, skills which Janeliasoul has more than her fair share of.” 

Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture


Nigerian-American born singer/songwriter Janeliasoul developed her love of music while growing up in Nigeria. Learning traditional Yoruba folk songs led to her discovering other musical genres, such as, Soul and Jazz. Fast-forward to now and the Baltimore, Maryland resident's 7-piece band "Janeliasoul" is fusing those influences, along with pop and Afrobeat into one infectious sound.


Lyrically, she draws off of positive self-affirmations, something she practices in her​ own life, on a daily basis. After her video for "Love-Hate" reached more than 1 million viewers on YouTube, Janeliasoul released her debut EP, "Self Affirmation Project." As the album continues to gain momentum, with lead single "I am Bold" leading the way, the sky's the limit for this Nigerian Goddess.


With the ongoing Ends SARS protests across Nigeria, the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States and the Coronavirus pandemic worldwide, Janeliasoul, is here to inspire "Hope" with the release of her new single "Things Will Get Better". This upbeat, rhythmic, magical, melodic song evokes the spirit of Hope in every lyric and an elixir for weary hearts and minds—for such a time as this.








Booking Agent

Bsquared MGMT/ Birdee Bow
424 272 5782


The Posh Publicity Firm

813 563 8793

Lable / Management 

Janeliasoul, LLC

5457 Twin Knolls Road, Suite 300

Columbia, MD 21045

800 611 3949



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