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Attention dancers!

Enter to win #20,000 (Naira) by choreographing a dance routine to this song. The best dancers are selected every week & get reposts and the cash prizes. See entry rules below. 


1. Must be a follower of @janeliasoul on Instagram.

2. Must mention @janeliasoul on Instagram in your post.

3. Must use hashtag #BedroomMagician and #JaneliasoulDanceCompetition in your post.

4. Dance must be 30 seconds to 1 minute long and posted on Instagram feed but you can dance to any part of the song that you like. You may download the song for FREE here.

5. Must have an active bank account in Nigeria to participate in this dance competition.

6. Open to both male and female as well as individuals or groups. If you are a group, entry must be made by 1 group representative and if selected, the #20,000 cash prize will be sent to the group's representative and split by the group without our involvement.

7. Since this dance competition runs week to week, you can create a new choreography and enter as many times as you want but limited to one entry per week. Additional entries must be made with same song, new dance choreography, new location and new outfit or it will not be counted.

8. All submissions must be entered between Mondays & Wednesdays at noon Nigerian time to qualify. Winner for the week will be notified by Thursday. The cash prize will be transferred to the winner's account on a Fridays and winners get a repost by Janeliasoul on a Sunday.

9. Janeliasoul will select a winner every week from the posts for that week. If you are the winner for the week, you will be notified by DM to obtain your bank account details and #20,000 will be wired to the Nigeria bank account provided. 

10. Winners will be selected based on the originality of dance/choreography and quality/clarity of the video. 

11. Safety first!!! Please be save when selecting a location for your dance. It's ok if people are in the background, as long as the video conforms to the guidelines specified in rule #10.


Janeliasoul team

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