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Meet Janelia, the singing sensation and content creator extraordinaire! 🎤🎥 She's adding her own magical touch to user-generated content in the food, health, fitness beauty and fashion niche with an option to infuse it with her original melodies. You might have heard her catchy tune 'Cocoa' featured in that fabulous Ad campaign and dazzling Santa Barbara Chocolate UGC.



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Case Study 1

"We're thrilled to introduce an exciting partnership between the talented independent artist, Janeliasoul, and the connoisseur of organic chocolate, Santa Barbara Chocolate" These were the words of Santa Barbara Chocolate when they signed a brand deal with Janelia to produce UGC videos for their Instagram account. Janelia has started to generate additional buzz about Santa Barbara chocolate with her ongoing collaboration posts on her Instagram feed. One of her recent posts had 8437 organic views, 1258 likes and 19 comments. 

Case Study 2

Janelia's UGC journey began with her Shopify store where she used only video ads of herself to generate $240,312 in sales and 372.4% ROAS after her official store launch. She attributes her success to her eye-catching video content used in her Facebook ads. For example, one of her ad campaigns for summer waist beads cost only $16.59 per conversion which according to Facebook Ads Manager is 20% lower than similar ad sets from peers.

Previous Work

About me



Thanks for checking out my portfolio. My name is Janelia; I am a singer, songwriter, and the frontwoman of an Afrobeats band. I go by the stage name Janeliasoul, which is also my social media handle. When I’m not on stage or attending to my family, I'm processing orders for my merch store,, which is where I got my start in UGC. Running an online store can be very stressful, especially the learning curve that comes with running profitable ads to generate sales. With all the work required, I soon realized that my favorite part of running my online store was doing product photoshoots for the storefront and shooting the UGC videos to run Meta ads.


I am someone who is always driven by passion, so I decided to start creating UGC for other brands, knowing I could bring some of my expertise to the table. Not only am I driven by the passion to make great video content, but as an e-commerce store owner myself, I know what works, what converts, and how to make videos to optimize conversions for your brand. Connecting with people and inspiring them are among my core values. If you share this same value, I invite your brand to collaborate with me to create magnificent content that will inspire your audience and keep them coming back for more. Let’s work together! Email me at to get started.

Here are the options I offer:

  1. Ad Video: I will create a high-converting 15-second ad for your brand.

  2. Content Video Only: I will produce engaging a 30 to 90-second video discussing your brand, suitable for posting on social media or for any other purpose. These videos can cover a range of topics, including a general overview of your brand, unboxing, product reviews, taste tests, and more.

  3. Influencer Video + Post: I will record and post a 30 to 90-second video on Instagram, aimed at boosting brand awareness and creating a buzz. This video may cover various topics related to your brand, such as a general introduction, unboxing, product review, taste test, and more. I will @mention you and include your link in my bio for 48 hours after posting. The post can either be a collaboration post or a solo post without your direct involvement.

  4. Sponsored Live Performance: I will record a 90-minute acoustic performance, featuring your brand as the sponsor. Your brand will be introduced at the beginning of the video, and I will @mention your brand, display your logo at the end of the clip, and include your link in my bio for 48 hours after posting on Instagram. Sponsoring a live performance is a trendy way to raise brand awareness on social media, similar to how major brands sponsor concerts and other live events, but on a smaller scale and budget-friendly. CLICK HERE to see a sponsored post by Santa Barbara Chocolate on Instagram.

  5. Music Usage Rights: I will grant you non-exclusive rights to use my original music in your ad campaign, website, and on various social media platforms. As a songwriter, I can also compose a brand-specific song for your use, with exclusive rights available for this option.


UGC and influencer rates starts at $175. Please contact me at for other options.

Brands I've Worked With

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